The Villaricca family boasts of a seafaring past and for them,the sea is not work but passion and love, deeply rooted in their hearts. Since their first heartbeat the sea has always been a subject of dialogue and family competition. After having sailed the seven seas,attracted  by the call of the ravines of their native land rich with indescribable reflexes, with wonderful depths and thousands of grottoes stealing water from the sea, with thei hidden sulfurous springs which never fail to enchant and surprise even the most dedicated seafarer added to the words of wise old fisherman and men of the sea,the return to thei origins was obligatory.

For us, each excursion is a reason for renewing the ancient brotherhood which binds us to the sea. Our clients can partecipate in and become supporters of the age old love fot this mysterious and fashinating natural element. There is no place nor minimum detail which you will not know, and which does not receive our daily attention.

In our company,your eyes will open to the wonders of the coastline which streches from Cilento to Sorrento not forgetting Capri and the other islands of the Campanian archipelago.

Our boats are the top when it comes to safety and marine maneuverability permitting you to enjoy the beauties of our part of the world either in the company of our skipper or independently for the bolder amateur sailors.

Many of our boats, even though fast and of a good size, can be taken out without a licence.

Our organization is the favourite of many International Companies and there is no television broadcasting company which has not discovered and described the wonders of the Divine Coast with us.